q & A

Q: How do I find out the bulbs size to order?

A:   We can match almost any vehicle headlight bulb sizes, We invite you to check: "https://www.sylvania-automotive.com/apps/vlrg-us/Vlrg/" to find correct the bulb size. (Serach Engine by Osram)

Q : Which bulb color is the brightest?

A :   We do recommend 5000K and 6000K Color. 5000k to 6000k are the brightest and also the purest white (some already sense a slight blue tint in the 6000k). The colors above 6000k become progressively more blue but less bright. Similarly, below 5000k, as the tint becomes warmer some brightness is sacrificed. 

Q: what's the difference between ac and dc ballast?

A:   AC ballasts won't cause bulbs to flicker, this is a very common problem with DC ballasts.AC ballasts won't cause fluctuations in color, DC ballasts are notorious for radically unstable and varying Kelvin temperatures (color).AC ballasts drastically increases lifespan of both your ballast and HID bulbs.

Q: Do I need a relay or capacitor for my kit?

A:   A. In some vehicles the Lamp Out Sensing is achieved by supplying a low voltage current to sense if the headlight lamp has blown. This may cause the HID lights to flash on and off.

We recommends  installing  either  Resistors  or  Warning  Cancellers  to  prevent  this.  Both  of  these  items  can  be  purchased separately from Innovited and their function is to provide a steady power voltage to the HID lights.

Alternatively you can have a specialist disable the Lamp out Sensing electronics in your vehicle.

We also have sell the Canbus error free hid kit.

Q: Neither side lighting up?

A:   If you install your HID kit and they do not turn on you may have reverse polarity. Reverse the ballast input connectors from positive (+) to negative (-) and negative (-) to positive (+).This will not harm the vehicle or the kit.

Q: One Side Doesn't Turn On

A.   This could be caused by a bad bulb, ballast or wiring. The easiest way to check this is by swapping the bulb and ballast one at a time to the side that works to check that each component is functioning as it should.

Q.How many types for the H4, 9004/7 and H13 bulbs?

A.Three types of H4, 9004/7 and H13 size.

1. Single beam HID.

2. High beam halogen and lo beam HID.(Hi/lo)

3. High and low beam are HID in the same beam  (Bi-xenon)

Q. I have dual beam headlight bulbs .Will I lose the ability to use the High beams?

A. For bulb sizes H4, 9004 and H13 there are three choices; (1) Single beam. (2) Low HID / high halogen. (3) Bi Xenon. The single beam has no high beam. The low HID / high halogen has a HID bulb for the low beam and a halogen bulb for the high beam. The Bi Xenon bulb has a HID bulb that moves inward for high beam, so both the high and low beams are HID.

Q. Will DRL (daytime running lights) or Auto Switch On affect the HID kit?

A. All XENON HID aftermarket kits are intended for exhibition and off road use only. Check local laws regarding the use of HID lights on public roads.Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.