My HID kit does not turn on

If you install your HID kit and they do not turn on you may have reverse polarity. This means the power and ground wires on your vehicle's harness are reversed. What you will have to do is plug the harness connector into the ballast backwards. You will be plugging in the connector from your car into the kit backwards. This will not harm the vehicle or the kit.

Check all fuses, plugs and grounds

Swap driver side ballast and passager side ballast with each other (If the problem stays on the same side it is the bulb and if it moves it is the ballast)

Note: Reverse Polarity is an issue with the cars wiring not the HID kit. Some cars come from the factory wired in an orientation that is reversed when compared to the HID kit. When using stock halogen bulbs, polarity has no effect; therefore, some manufactures will have the power and ground wires opposite of the HID kit. Some manufactures will have reverse polarity more than others. A lot of Chevy's (Silverados), GMC (Sierras) and Chrysler's have reverse polarity. Also if your vehicle comes with a high low bulb all in on (9007, 9004, h4, h13) you should always us a Bi Xenon HID kit to prevent a lot of minor problems like flinkering and slow start up. We always recommend running a wiring harness on ALL HID kits to get the power directly from the battery and not from the switch.

HID Troubleshooting:

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.Flickering / One Side Working / Not Lighting up / Intermittent firing Flickering: If both sides are flickering it can be caused by a few things. More than likely because the car can’t supply enough power to the ballasts on startup. You can check this by connecting the adapter cables on the bulbs to the battery with the bulb and ballast connector. If the kit fires up without any problems you will probably need a wiring harness. If your car has Daytime Running Lights (DRL) if could be caused by the car quickly turning the lights on and off to give the effect that the halogen bulbs are running at half power. If the flickering is caused by the DRL you can try a wiring harness or have the DRL disabled (NOTE: disabling the DRL may not be legal in all areas, check with local laws before doing so). The flickering can also be caused by the car’s self-check system to see if there is a working halogen bulb connected. This can typically be corrected with the Bulb Out Warning Module.

Neither light turns on: They is almost always a symptom of reversed polarity. This can be checked by reversing the connector on the input side of the ballast. It can also be tested by connecting the bulbs and ballasts and using the adaptor cables on the bulb to get power directly from the battery.

One side doesn’t light up: This could be caused by a bad bulb, ballast or wiring. The easiest way to check this is by swapping the bulb and ballast one at a time to the side that works to check that each component is functioning as it should.

Intermittent firing: If sometimes one side does not turn on or it takes multiple tries for the HIDs to turn on, you may have a power issue. We would recommend trying a wiring harness. This will allow you to wire the kit directly to the cars battery. Sometimes if you bump your fuse by 5amps (we use 30amp fuses) that can help as well. If the problem stays with one particular side, we would recommend swapping the bulbs or ballast from left to right and see if the problem follows. If this is the case, you may have a bad bulb or ballast.

If you have the HID Harness installed and is still getting intermittent firing, double check your power and ground cables. Make sure the terminal is touching the "threaded" part of the bolt and not just the head of the bolt.

Cars that commonly have issues with HID kits Here is a list below of vehicles that commonly have specific issues when installing HID's. This list is NOT all cars that have problems. We are updating the list as we see patterns with certain makes and models. We DO NOT guarantee these tips will work 100% but these fixes are what most customers have used and shared with us to solve some of these common problems when installing HID's on these vehicles. 

Vehicle Listing below.


  • Integra
    (94-01): Low beams – reversed polarity
  • MDX (Most models): Low beams – reversed polarity
  • RSX: Low beams – May need an adapter/spacer for the
    bulb to fit properly.


  • (Most 2002 to current): Low beams – May need CABUS HID system or regular HID kit with CANBUS warning canceler.
  •  A4 (2002-2005): Fog lights – reversed polarity


  • Low beams – May need CABUS HID system or regular HID kit with CANBUS warning canceler.


  • Cadillac (Most models) – Has reversed polarity
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV/EXT (00-06) - When turning on the fog lights, the relay for the fogs also pulses the rear windshield wiper and slightly moves it up and down once


  • Chevrolet Silverado – Has reversed polarity
  • 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado-DRL Disable recommended by pulling the DRL and the DRL2 fuses under the hood in the relay box on the driver side (add  build-in warning canceler relay)
  • 2014+ Chevrolet Silverado-(add relay build-in warning canceler relay)
  • Chevrolet Silverado - 2014 +1500 New Body needs Bulb Out Warning Module
  • Chevrolet Suburban/Tahoe/Colorado – Has reversed polarity
  • Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban (00-06) - When turning on the fog lights, the relay for the fogs also pulses the rear windshield wiper and slightly moves it up and down once
  • Chevrolet malibu 2012-(add relay build-in warning canceler relay)
  • Chevrolet  Colorado (All years): Low beams – reversed polarity.


  • Chrysler 200 300 series (2005-present): Low beams - CANBUS ballast or canbus warning canceler.
  • Chrysler PT Cruiser (2001-2007): Low beams - May need a wiring harness
  • Chrysler Crossfire: Low beams - May need  Warning Canceler.


  • Dodge Charger (2006+) - Reverse polarity into Warning Canceler
  • Dodge Charger 2014 - 2017 CANBUS HID KIT + Relay
  • Dodge Caliber (2007-present): Low beams - May need Warning Canceler
  • Dodge Ram – Most 99+ will need Resistor relay harness
  • Dodge RAM 2015-2019 Canbus HID kit + Relay
  • Dodge Ram 1500 foglight   + relay
  • Charger 2015- 2016   (add build-in warning canceler relay)
  • Dodge grand caravan 2014+ CANBUS + RELAY


  •  Edge (2009+): May need relay harness
  •  Edge (2011+): May need Warning canceler
  •  Focus (2012-13) : May require resistor relay harness.
  • (Some Fords may also need resistors)
  • 2004 ford ranger  warning canceler (add built-in warning canceler relay)
  • Ford Fusion (ALL years) Needs wiring harness
  • Ford Explorer 2011+ 5 GEN needs Warning Canceler.
  • Ford F150 2014- RESISTOR RELAY
  • Ford F150 - 2004 regular relay
  • Ford F150 2015+   Canbus HID kit + Relay 
  • 2005 MUSTANG add Resistor relay harness


  • GMC Canyon - reversed polarity.
  • GMC Sierra - Low Beams have reversed Polarity
  • 2007-2013 GMC Sierra-DRL Disable recommended by pulling the DRL and the DRL2 fuses under the hood in the relay box on the driver side
  • GMC Sierra - 2014 1500 New Body needs  built-in warning canceler relay)
  • GMC Jimmy (95-06) - High and Low beam have reversed polarity.
  • GMC Yukon/Yukon XL/Denali (00-06) - When turning on the fog lights, the relay for the fogs also pulses the rear windshield wiper and slightly moves it up and down once
  • GMC YUKON 2015-2016 Canbus + single beam relay.
  • GMC Envoy (2007+): May need warning canceler


  • Accord (Most years): Low beams – have reversed polarity
  • Pilot (1st Gen: 2003-2008) – Low beam have reversed polarity
  • Prelude (BB6 97-01): Low beams – May need an adapter/spacer for
    the bulb to fit properly..
  • Recommned AC HID kit for all HONDA old generation vehicle.


  • ALL hyundai request CANBUS HID kit or built-in warning canceler relay.


  • Commander – May need relay harness
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee (Most years) – May need relay harness
  • Grand Cherokee (2014): Low Beams: Disable DRL and use error code eliminators.
  • Wrangler – Some require nothing extra, some require Error
    Code Eliminators and ’07+ high/low bulbs – May require a capacitor and a diode
    to address high beam flickering
  • 2011 Jeep patriot low beam flickeinrg- Resisor relay hanress request.


  • ALL KIA request CANBUS HID kit or built-in warning canceler relay.


  • Lexus SC300 (1991-2000): Has reversed polarity
  • Lexus (Most models): Low beams and fog lights - Has reversed polarity


  • Mazda 3 / Mazda 6 – Typically need wiring harness

Mercedes Benz

  • All Mecerdes request CANBUS HID kit or CANBUS warning canceler with HID kit.


  • Nissan Armada - Driver side may have reversed polarity
  • Nissan Altima (2002-2006) - Fog lights may have reversed polarity


  •  Evo 9: Low Beams have reversed polarity


  • GTO – The fog lights have reverse polarity
  • Trans Am: One side may have reversed polarity. Fog Lights
    have reversed polarity
  • Saturn LS (00-05) - Reversed Polarity.


  • (All models, most years): Low beams - Reversed polarity


  •  WRX (2002-2003) Low beams have reversed polarity
  •  Forester (Gen II, 2002-2008): May need relay harness for low beams


  • Toyota Corolla (03-08) – Reversed polarity, needs wiring harness and Warning Canceler
  • Toyota Corolla (09-Present): Low beams - Reversed polarity. 
  • Toyota Camry (All years): Low beams - Reversed polarity.
  • Toyota Matrix (2002-Present): Low beams - May need Warning canceler and reversed polarity.
  • Toyota 4Runner (1995-1998): Low beams -needs a wiring harness
  • Toyota Highlander (01-07) - Reversed Polarity
  • All vehicle recommend to use with AC HID kit


  • All Volvo request CANBUS HID kit.


  • ALL VW request CANBUS HID kit.


  • Most of Japanese vehicle high beam as DRL can not work for HID kit.
  • Most of Korean and  European vehicle need CANBUS HID system.
  • Most of old generation FORD F150,  Silverado request resistor realy harness.