• We highly recommend PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION.
  • We DO NOT cover any labor fee for installation.
  • DO NOT touch the bulbs glass or resistor because these system  produce high voltage electricity and heat.
  • DO NOT modify the ballast, bulb and relay harness.
  • DO NOT turn on the lights before you start up the vehicle avoid any damage.
  • All  HID aftermarket kits for exhibition and off-road use only. Please check local laws to regard the use of HID lights on public road


HID kit did not light up?

  •  Reverse polarity 
  •  Check all connection

HID lights flicker and shut off?

  • May need warning canceler
  • May need relay harness
  • May need relay harness build-in warning canceler.( KIA,GMC,HYUNDAI,GMC CHEVROLET,FORD etc.)
  • May need resistor relay harness( FORD F150)
  • Request use with CANBUS HID system (AUDI, BMW, MERCEDES,KIA,HYUNDA etc.)

One side work and other side does not?

  • Swap both side the ballast to test, see the problem is following ballast or bulb